Wheatgrass suppresses appetite. A glass of high quality wheatgrass juice can replace a meal. It provides quick energy boost, a sense of well-being and stamina. The fiber in wheatgrass has a bulking effect which gives a feeling of fullness. People taking wheatgrass feel full for a long time, enabling them to lessen the frequency of eating and lessen their food intake.

Another reason why wheatgrass can suppress the appetite is that the appetite center in the brain shuts down once the body has managed to ingest all its nutrient requirements.

Wheatgrass contains more than 100 types of enzymes that speed up metabolism and help burn fats. It is important to note that as we grow older, these enzymes decline in quantity and strength which weakens the body's ability to handle fats, proteins and excess calories.

Wheatgrass prevents acidity in the body by providing alkaline minerals and chlorophyll. When there is too much acid in the system, the body pushes the acids to fat cells. The more acid there is in fat cells, the harder it is to burn and the harder it is for you to lose weight.