Wheatgrass for Womans


Benefits in Pregnancy : A healthy nutrition is required during pregnancy. There are some safety concerns of consuming wheatgrass during pregnancy.

This is because wheatgrass juice is consumed raw and this could cause mold and bacterial contamination. The anti-oxidant effects of wheatgrass could also have a negative effective on pregnant women.

However, if it is grown under strictly hygienic conditions, wheatgrass can benefit pregnant women by improving immunity of baby and mother, keep hair healthy, aid in digestion, reduce hypertension, cleanse the body of toxins, prevent tooth decay and maintain optimal blood sugar levels.

Pregnant and breastfeeding women must consult their doctor before consuming wheatgrass.


Menstruation : The nutrients in wheatgrass stimulate production of red blood cells and improve the health of blood. It can flush out blood clots and regulate menstrual bleeding.

The foul odor of menstrual blood can be reduced since wheatgrass has detoxifying properties. Wheatgrass improves the health of malnourished women and helps regulate menstrual cycle. Since it can increase RBC count, it can alleviate symptoms of anemia and reduce heavy bleeding.


Vaginal Discharge

Wheatgrass powder is very helpful if taken twice a day in the begningf. And start drinking a minimum of two cups of hot water with half of a freshly squeezed lemon in it. Try to avoid wheat products, sugar and dairy products as much s you can.