Wheatgrass Other Benefits

Detoxification agent: Wheatgrass possesses natural enzymes that can neutralize carcinogens and toxins in the body. This helps to detoxify the body.

The best results are got from wheatgrass juice. If wheatgrass is cooked before consumption, the natural enzymes can be destroyed. Oxygen free radicals in the body can also be stabilized since wheatgrass has antioxidant properties.


Fights Infections: Wheatgrass can treat common infections like bronchitis, colds, coughs, diarrhea, throat and mouth infections. The functioning of the immune system improves since wheatgrass is rich in many vitamins and minerals.


Chemotherapy: Myelotoxicity causes inhibition of bone marrow activity. This is a result of chemotherapy. Wheatgrass is said to help treat myelotoxicity.

A study conducted on some breast cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy found that when they were given wheatgrass juice daily, it helped reduce myelotoxicity.

Wheatgrass did not seem to interfere with chemotherapy as such, although a few patients found their symptoms of nausea worsened after they discontinued drinking wheatgrass juice.


Muscle Building : Amino acids in wheatgrass play a critical role as metabolism intermediaries and protein building blocks. These amino acids also provide the body proteins it requires to build muscles.

Body builders and athletes require a lot of energy after they work out very hard and for long hours. The chlorophyll content in wheatgrass provides plenty of energy that they require.

The high nutrient content in wheatgrass ensures that symptoms of oxidative stress are alleviated in bodybuilders.


Liver benefits: The high chlorophyll content in wheatgrass means that it can detoxify the liver, reduce absorption of several harmful carcinogens, strengthen cells and neutralize pollutants present in the blood. This can reduce the risk of contracting liver cancer.

Fatty liver conditions and overall functioning of the liver can improve by consuming wheatgrass at least thrice a week.

Detox diet can benefit those with fatty liver conditions. Wheatgrass enema can strengthen the liver and colon. Consuming wheatgrass juice helps to detoxify the body and flush out harmful toxins.

This eases some of the load off the liver by removing waste and heavy metals from the blood and improves immune system functioning.


More Benefits: There is a possibility that wheatgrass could reduce the risks of developing colon cancer just as green leafy vegetables do.   Wheatgrass is also said to help treat or prevent more serious conditions like AIDS. It is also very benificial for injured area if use as a paste.