Stomach Problems


Bowel Disorders: Wheatgrass helps in treating various problems of the gastrointestinal tract and eases bowel problems. It can also treat patients with rectal bleeding.


Acidity: Wheatgrass is extremely alkaline. This property helps to maintain the acidity in the body. This balancing of pH levels improves the functioning of various organs of the body.


Constipation: Those who get frequently constipated can enjoy the health benefits of wheatgrass since it has high fiber content. This helps to improve body metabolism and relieve constipation.


Nausea: Anyone who suffers from nausea can drink Wheatgrass Powder . This helps to cleanse the body, drain toxins from the lymph nodes, breakup mucus found in the body, therefore alleviating symptoms of nausea.


Loose Motion or Diarrhoea: Anyone who suffers from loose motion can drink Wheatgrass Powder. To get relief in stomach cramps during diarrhoea, wheatgrass can be an effective remedy. To get instant relief, add wheat grass powder in luke warm water. Now, stir it well and drink it. After this, drink a glass of plain water.


Ulcerative Colitis: A significant study found that patients suffering from ulcerative colitis benefited from 100ml wheatgrass juice drunk every day for at least a month.

There was significant reduction in rectal bleeding when compared to a group on a placebo. Patients also had fewer bowel movements.

Wheatgrass also has antioxidants that can reduce inflammation due to ulcerative colitis. Chlorophyll works like hemoglobin and increase RBC count and dilates blood vessels, therefore reducing blood pressure.


Benefits in Pancreatitis : One cause of pancreatitis is high triglyceride levels. While there is no scientific evidence of the benefits of wheatgrass for pancreatitis, wheatgrass does alleviate symptoms of ulcerative colitis by reducing the triglyceride levels.

This can benefit patients with pancreatitis too. Wheatgrass also improves abdominal pain in patients with pancreatitis.  .

Anti-oxidants found in wheatgrass can reduce development of cancer cells by fighting free radicals. This can benefit treating of various cancers including pancreatic cancer – one of the most fatal of cancers.