Hair & Beauty

Gray hair: The ultimate telltale sign of aging.

Approximately half of all 50-year-olds are at least 50% gray. Try as you may to postpone the inevitable with expensive, foul-smelling and messy dyes, the battle against gray is predictable…gray is pretty much the undefeated champion. Or is it?

Regular consumption of wheat grass powder in your diet can recolor those grays so that you can enjoy your lush, natural colour well into your senior years. And it doesn’t just stop at the gray. This young cereal grass slows down the entire aging process by rejuvenating your cells, detoxifying your body, tightening loose and sagging skin. Even it is very result oriented in pimples, dark circles and skin whitening.

Beyond Beautification and into Total Body Health

Wheatgrass health benefits are made up of an impressive array of nutrients that reinforce and rejuvenate everything from our cells and tissues to our organs and bodily systems. In addition to its 70% chlorophyll makeup, wheatgrass contains 20 essential amino acids, 90 minerals, 13 vitamins and 80 enzymes. Prominent research scientist Dr. Earp-Thomas says that,”15 pounds of wheatgrass is the equivalent of 350 pounds of carrots, lettuce, celery and so forth.”

Made up of 70% chlorophyll, wheatgrass, from the wheat plant triticum aestivum, restores the health of your kidneys and blood. And hence improve your hair growth and colour.

Chlorophyll helps to strengthen, build and oxygenate the blood. It is remarkably similar to haemoglobin, a compound that carries oxygen to the blood. Once consumed, chlorophyll is transformed into blood. It then transports nutrients, such as oxygen, to your cells, tissues and organs, rejuvenating, protecting and strengthening.

Due to all this wheatgrass powder detoxifies your body and act as an antioxidant which makes you beautiful.

Why Has This Proven Anti-Aging Cure Been Hushed Up?

Practically every week, new alternative health breakthroughs are discovered. Most of these anti-aging and longevity cures are already scientifically proven to heal a wide variety of diseases eliminate pain slow down or reverse the aging process and enhance total body wellness.

Yet, these powerful health alternatives most of which are inexpensive or free are unknown to most people because mainstream media rarely reports them. To the contrary, these powerful health solutions are systematically suppressed and even banned.

The reason for this is simple: these inexpensive natural treatments threaten the profits of mainstream medicine and the pharmaceutical industry. Imagine what would happen to the earnings of Big Pharma and the medical industry if people had the information they needed to heal themselves of virtually any disease or health problem?

Everyone would be able to optimize his or her own health and well-being… and no one would ever need medical treatment again except for emergencies and natural disasters.