Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. 1: Is Wheatgrass Powder as effective as Wheatgrass juice?

Wheatgrass in Powder form is most convenient, economical & efficient even more than the traditionally known fresh Wheatgrass Juice as follows: Shelf Life: Fresh Wheatgrass Juice has shelf life of just a few hours whereas Wheatgrass Powder is ‘Best before 1 year from packaging’. Fibre is strained out along with many beneficial nutrients while extracting fresh Wheatgrass Juice whereas in case of Wheatgrass Powder it gets completely retained. This dietary fiber creates miracles to maintain health as it expands on mixing with water & adds bulk to the food in digestion system. Dietary fibre helps prevent constipation, improves bowel movement, helps flush out toxins, reduces cholesterol & control blood sugar level. Beneficial nutrients of fresh Wheatgrass along with Chlorophyll are retained in Powder due to the natural climate at our farm & refined manufacturing technique. Concentration is assured as 1 spoon Powder (3 g) = 30 g fresh Wheatgrass. Economical as 1 bottle of 100 g Wheatgrass Powder gives 30 glass serving & costs less than half the price of 30 glass fresh Wheatgrass Juice.

Q. 2: Does the Wheatgrass Powder contain all the nutrition available in Fresh Wheatgrass?

Consumption of Wheatgrass Powder is more convenient than fresh Wheatgrass juice. R B Farmtech Wheatgrass Powder is obtained by dehydrating fresh Wheatgrass indoors (without using any mechanism) and then grinded into fine Powder. Utmost care is taken to avoid heating and friction, which may evaporate or reduce the important nutrients. Maximize nutrients including dietary fiber are thus retained in R B Farmtech Wheatgrass Powder.

Q. 3: Can Wheatgrass Powder be given to children?

Wheatgrass Powder is absolutely safe and beneficial to children above 2 years age. It should be given in small quantities (1/4 spoon) and slowly increased to 1 spoon daily. A little honey can be added for taste or it can be mixed with their food items but not with milk.

Q. 4: How is Wheatgrass as compared to Ordinary grass and other supplements?

Wheatgrass is grown through a process called sprouting. Sprouts are ‘complete food’ as they contain all the essential dietary nutrients along with the enzymes to help assimilate them. Dr. G. H. Earp-Thomas, celebrated American scientist and dietician, isolated over hundred elements from Wheatgrass and reached to the conclusion that Wheatgrass is the best of all grass and that it is a complete food in itself. Compared to Wheatgrass, other green-leafy vegetables are less beneficial and palatable in natural form.

Q. 5: How does Wheatgrass Powder help combat so many diseases?

Our body has the inbuilt capacity to heal itself if provided with proper nutrition, exercise & environment. Wheatgrass contains more than 111 beneficial substances in naturally balanced form. Artificially formulated nutrition products may contain some nutrients in excess & some insufficient. Amino acids & Enzymes are required to assimilate the food & help the cells absorb the nutrients. Their deficiency makes the nutrients go waste. Wheatgrass contains 19 of the known Amino acids including 9 EAA (essential amino acids), which our body cannot make from our foods. Proteins are made up of amino acids. The balanced nutrients contained in Wheatgrass thus help combat various health problems by overcoming nutrition deficiencies. In fact, we have observed that when Wheatgrass Powder is taken to help combat a particular health problem, it has helped overcome other co-related problems.

Q. 6: Are there any side effects after taking Wheatgrass Powder?

Consumption of R B Farmtech Wheatgrass Powder has not shown any side effects, as it is natural, organic and innocent food. Some individuals may have nausea or irregular bowel movements during the first few days of use, which will subside by itself once the body gets accustomed to the Powder.

Q. 7: Any Soulution to Improve Wheatgrass taste while drinking?

Yes Wheatgrass Powder Juice is very bad in taste but better than local wine. For better taste you can mix lemon or honey while mixing your powder in the warm water, don't mix lemon and honey together. You can purchase other flavor also, We have different ranges of flavor like Podina, Tulsi and Amla. We have many clients who give Wheatgrass Powder Juice to their children's and they enjoy it. End of the day taste is not the matter only health is the matter.

Q. 8: How Much and how to Consume Wheat Grass Powder?

Direction of Usages: Wheatgrass Powder is best food supplement and good for whole family. Mix Wheatgrass Powder with warm water leave for 1 minute and take slowly on empty stomach. Drink slowly like TEA. Don't eat anything 30 minutes before or after drinking it. Dosages for Normal Person: 1 TSP (3 Grams) Daily Morning or 1 TSP (2Grams) Morning & Evening. Dosages for Patients:- 1 TSP (3 Grams) once a day for first 5 Days. 2 TSP (3 Grams) twice a day for next 15 Days. 2 TSP (3 Grams) thrice a day for next 30 Days. 2 TSP (3 Grams) twice a day for next 30 Days. 1 TSP (3 Grams) once a day for next 30 days or lifetime.

Q. 9: How to take WheatGrass for Best Results.

Just follow the our dosages rules and additionally you have to hold the liquid in your mouth for two or three minutes if possible before swallowing. This will enable much greater absorption of the bioactives compared with simply tossing it down your throat. We suggest it to the person who suffered from stomach problems and mouth problems including mouth ulcer and payriya.

Q. 10: Can I still continue my bad habits?

No. Not only NO but big NOoo from us for all the bad habits. Always remember one thing, there is no medicine in the earth which allow us to go with bad habits like smoking, tobacco, alcohol, excess consumption of oily items or fried items, zero exercise etc. Human body has the god gifted ability to respond according to what you eat, If you eat bad things it will respond bad and if you eat good things your body will respond good "VERY SIMPLE". So always avoid all the bad habits for best WheatGrass results.